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Welcome to Commercial Lawn Care Services, Inc. Based in Clearwater, Florida, we have been providing commercial landscaping to buildings throughout Pinellas and Hillsborough County since 1985. Let our team of qualified professionals turn your property's landscape into an asset for your business. We understand that property managers have a lot to take care of on a day to day basis. That's why we manage the outside of your building - so you can focus on the inside.
We service all types of properties, from college campuses and office buildings to resorts and hotels. We believe that commercial landscaping is not just our job; it's our life's work. Doing the right thing for our clients is the best marketing tool in the world. We let our work speak for itself. See the difference a quality landscaping company can make. Give us a call today!

Why Choose Us?

  • Licensed and Insured
  • Certified in Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control
  • Licensed Irrigation Contractor
  • FNGLA Certified Professionals
  • Certified Arborists
  • In Business Since 1985
  • Quality Minded
  • Pro-active Approach
  • Quick Response
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Well Maintained Trucks & Equipment
  • Best Management Practices Certified

Raylena Kaye Cather


Raylena is Owner and President of Commercial Lawn Care Services, and has been in the Green Industry since 1980. Her hands on approach to manage all aspects of the business are both challenging and very rewarding; a dream job that has both office and outdoor responsibilities.

Raylena moved to Florida from Tucson, Arizona and was quickly drawn to the area's beauty with its lush tall trees, a welcome change from the dry desert and cactus surroundings of her hometown.

Her career started out in the Apopka, Florida the foliage capital of the world where every plant leaf had to be prefect in order to sell. That work experience shaped a solid foundation for a profession in the Green Industry.

Beginning as Greenhouse Grower then to the Retail Garden Center and then up to Wholesale Nursery Sales jobs provided knowledge she still uses today running a contract based Landscape Maintenance Company.

Raylena serves on two Horticulture Committees for Pinellas County and has served as past President of the local chapter of the Landscape Maintenance Association (now the Landscape Management Association). As a Certified Arborist, Certified Pest Control Operator, Irrigation Contractor, Florida Certified Landscape Contractor, Raylena not only attends multiple training classes on an ongoing basis to feed her passion for the industry and to earn the required educational credits to maintain all of her certifications and licenses, she also developed a culture of training and personal growth for all employees.Raylena believes this culture of training and education is one of the main reasons for her long term success. Knowledge is power and the right training keeps good employees engaged. Many of the employees at CLCS have been with the company many years making them a group of seasoned landscape professionals that are dedicated to doing the right thing for the client, for the company and the families they support.

The company supports Industry memberships including Florida Turf grass Association, Florida Nursery Landscape and Growers Association, Florida Irrigation Society and regularly volunteers to provide educational events in the community.

As the sole Owner of the company she is certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, WBENC as Woman Owned, Operated and Controlled Company qualifying her as a minority owned business. Raylena has experienced long term success while many other small companies have sprung up, grown and failed in a male dominated profession. Raylena is proud of that success and of the quality of services her company provides. She still loves doing what she does after all these years and it shows every day.

In addition to her passion for the green industry and her business, Raylena enjoys travel, disc golf, hiking and biking.

Lori Pearson

Office Manager

Lori Pearson has been an integral part of Commercial Lawn Care team since 2008 and in the landscape Industry since 1992. Lori is the one person that keeps all the moving parts of the company in sync. Having been in the landscape industry for so many years, she is well versed in all current regulations as they pertain to the landscape and pest control industry. Lori is organized, efficient and can do more things in one day than many are able to do in a week. She is the central go to person in the company and finds the solution for any challenge placed before her.

Her responsibilities include Human Resources, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Customer Service, Worker’s Compensation and Liability Insurance and making sure the company fleet and employees are supplied with up to date insurance cards and current vehicle registration, Pest Control ID cards, Best Management Practice Certificates along with all the certificates and licenses required by local and state statutes.Staying in compliance with all the requirements of local and state statutes relating to landscaping and pest control requires a vast knowledge and constant updating of certifications, continuing education, licenses and corporate documents.

Rest assured anytime you call or email Lori a request it will be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. She can be trusted to get an answer to any client question. Lori wears many hats from accountant to benefits guru. The entire staff calls on her for advice and guidance. Lori’s skills are displayed in many ways in her position as Office Manager and she is well liked and respected by everyone.

In her free time, Lori enjoys spending time with her son, friends and family, biking on the Pinellas Trail and enjoying the beautiful Florida sunsets.

Shannon Lengell

Operations Manager

Shannon Lengell, Florida born and raised, has been with Commercial Lawn Care since August 1990 with many of those years, he had perfect attendance. Shannon began his career with CLCS at the very basic levels, working in the field on a maintenance crew. Over the years, Shannon worked every facet of the landscape business as he worked his way up through the ranks gaining not only experience, but an excellent education in horticulture. Throughout his career, Shannon was taught that education was as important as the experience he was getting every day in the field. Continuing education is an important part of the culture at CLCS and Shannon has always been eager to learn more about the profession he loves.

Shannon’s responsibilities include oversight of all field personnel including maintenance crews, pest control, irrigation and landscape installation crews, enhancement crews, mulch crews and tree/palm crews and works in tandem with the Fleet Service Manager making sure that the employees have the right equipment to get the job done well and safely. Shannon meets with clients, does property inspections for quality control and enhancement estimates, oversees all the company required Safety Training, Continuing Education Training and makes sure the company is operating not only efficiently, but with the best interests of client in mind. He makes sure the trucks that pull up to your property are clean and equipped to do the job. All foremen have company phones so they can quickly get in touch with Shannon with any questions or concerns they have about the property they are working on.Every property CLCS is entrusted with is documented with site maps, irrigation zone maps, tree and palm counts, flower bed layouts, maintenance specifications and photos. Shannon makes sure all these records are up to date with the latest information so that management, office personnel and field teams have the correct and best information on file for every property. This documentation is as valuable for the client as it is for the personnel providing services. Every department in the company has access to all the property information to provide all the services contracted consistently and in compliance with all water restrictions and local codes and ordinances. Photos have always been an important tool at CLCS and with the wave of new technology, foremen can quickly snap a photo of an issue from any property and get it to Shannon so the proper action can be taken in the here and now. Often small issues can be found, communicated and resolved before the client ever knew the problem existed. This is one of the areas that Shannon is best at; He makes things happen quickly and seamlessly.

Over the years, Shannon’s love for the industry was not just limited to the care of properties alone, but he also developed a strong passion for protecting the environment for future generations. Shannon consistently emphasizes Best Management Practices while setting the example himself in his daily oversight of the business. Shannon’s unique experience and training makes him a great resource for not only the employees, but for the clients. Shannon is available for property walks with clients to discuss any part of the landscape care from environmental questions to landscape enhancements including palm and/or tree trimming, mulching, complete renovations and consulting on improvements or enhancements for the irrigation system. Shannon is up to date on all the latest irrigation technology and has an in depth understanding of irrigation systems from controllers to valves to wells. He also keeps up to date on the latest watering restrictions for the several cities and counties we work in. He also stays up to date on the latest code requirements and permitting requirements for tree removal and replacement. Clients look to CLCS to be up to date on all the latest information having anything to do with the landscape of our properties. His wealth of knowledge and work ethic makes him an important asset in the long term success of CLCS.

Shannon’s Achievements and Certifications include:
  • FNGLA (Florida Nurserymen and Growers Landscape Association) Certification (FCHP) since 2001
  • Best Management Practices since inception of the ordinance
  • Department of Transportation trained in MOT since 2007
  • OSHA trained, 2003 and 2007
  • Vista Lighting Installation 2004, 2007
  • Irrigation Pump Troubleshooting, 2004
  • Water Wise Irrigation Timer Training, 2006
  • FNGLA (FCLT) 2016
  • FNGLA (FCLMT) 2016
Shannon is an Open Wheel Modified race car enthusiast and he, along with his wife can often be found at any one of the regional race tracks participating in race events during racing season. In fact the race track is where Shannon met his wife. Shannon has won several regional races over the years ... Read more

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